Automatic Exchange of Information and Insurance Products




Four Points by Sheraton Sihlcity, Zurich

Date and time

03/10/2017 from 09:00 to 12:30




Alfonsina Barbay
+41 91 9616528


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Main target

Bank Relationship Managers and Independent Asset Managers, Insurance Companies Management


The seminar has been accredited by CICERO, which Centro di Studi Bancari is member of. This seminar grants 4 CICERO credits

The automatic exchange of information impose significant operational requirements on financial institutions to ensure the correct transmission of information to the authorities.
Within the framework defined for Swiss financial operators by the Directive issued by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration for the automatic exchange of information relating to financial accounts, insurance contracts are identified as subject to an exchange of information.

The Directive also indicates when the insurance company is to be considered as Reporting Financial Institution, which is a crucial element in the definition of the subject appointed to transmit data to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration.

In the light of the above, it is crucial that financial institutions first understand what information associated with insurance products is to be transmitted to the authorities and, at the same time, define the roles and responsibilities in managing the reporting of information procedure.

Thanks to the contribution of representatives of the insurance industry, the aim of the conference is to provide participants with precise indications for the appropriate disclosure to the authorities of information about insurance contracts.


1. Transposition of the automatic exchange of information in Switzerland
2. Definition of "Spezifizierte Versicherungsgesellschaften" for the purpose of the automatic exchange of information
3. Information to be exchanged concerning insurance contracts / products
4. The impact of the automatic exchange of information on the operations of insurance companies: case studies


Alessandro Tulli
CEO Swiss Life (Liechtenstein) AG, Schaan (FL)