Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification for Client Advisors


This certification program conveys the knowledge on domestic taxation and regulatory framwork necessary for wealth managers with international clients. The program is organised by country. Currently the following countries are available: Germany, France and Italy. Other countries have been offered in previous years and are still available on request, such as Belgium, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Spain, Turkey and UK.


The Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification enables the astute international wealth manager to add domestic on-shore expertise to his/her already well developed international expertise. In this way the international wealth manager is equipped with the know-how needed to compete successfully against the domestic on-shore advisor in the new transparent world.

The additional domestic expertise not only helps the international wealth manager to defend his/her assets from being transferred to domestic institutions, it even supports the acquisition of new assets. The Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification enables the wealth manager to provide a more holistic advice and to recognize new business opportunities.

To achieve this goal, the program concentrates on two areas of expertise which have been determined as being crucial to success:

Target Audience

The program is designed primarily for client advisors with international clients. However, the program also serves a wider set of professional profiles such as portfolio managers, consultants, investment advisors, wealth and tax planners, compliance officers.

Program Sequencing

The program consists of a foundation module common to all markets, followed by a market-specific part, where the client advisors can select which markets they wish to study.

The foundation is proposed in the form of self-study and addresses the legal and taxation principles that apply to all jurisdictions. The pre-reading material will be made available in English, French, Italian and German.

The foundation is followed by two market-specific modules, which last in total one day.

Approximately two weeks after the classroom phase a final exam will take place in the form of a one-hour multiple choice questionnaire, which encompasses both the foundation and the country-specific module Successful candidates will then be awarded a certification for the chosen country/ies, e.g. "Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification for Client Advisors - Market Germany".

Refresher Courses

To maintain the certification, the certification holder is required to take refresher courses (on average once a year) aimed at providing a more in-depth review of the major legal and tax changes relevant to the market in question. These courses are announced in a timely manner to the certification holders.


The fee for the complete program (foundation + country-specific modules) for a single market is CHF 1’390.- per participant. For participants who qualify for an exemption from the foundation module (those who have already done the exam for this module) the fee for the market-specific modules for one country is CHF 1180.- per participant.

Member banks of the Swiss Banking Association pay a reduced fee of CHF 1270.- per participant for the complete program and CHF 1060.- per participant for the market-specific modules of one country. A further progressive discount is granted to banks sending more than 10 participants to the full program - no matter what country. Please contact us for further information.

The fee covers tuition, course material, final exam and refreshments during the coffee breaks, but does not include lunches, dinners, hotel and travel expenses.

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