Business English Writing Skills


Formazione Executive
2017, I Edition


From 24/10/2017
to 05/12/2017
24 hours


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Valentina Lucheschi
+41 91 9616551

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Target groups

All professional profiles working in the financial sector




As readers, we simply cannot spend more than the minimum time necessary to understand what is in the document in front of us. As writers, therefore, we need to put readability at the heart of every decision we make when writing for our readers. Writing effectively (from short emails to substantial report) means, essentially, that you are able to put your points across to your readers quickly. We have all experienced what it is like to get lost in a document: everybody becomes increasingly confused, more and more irritated and finally gives up altogether. So no matter how complex the subject is, maximum clarity and reader-orientation must be the aims. The course training focus will be on finance-related documents of various lengths, so that participants, having an upper intermediate level of English, quickly become better editors saving time in drafting and redrafting. The course is made up of 6 half-day modules. The class size is limited to eight participants in order to ensure maximum individual feedback and progress.


A.G., Airbus Deutschland GMbH, Germany
"I never participated in such a good course before. This lay to a very big part with your two employees who have done a completely exceptionally good job - they were patient, competent, professional and very friendly. Many thanks for this magnificent experience."

C.B., Whirlpool Europe, Italy
"What I appreciate in Canning is the constant quality of the programs provided, as well as their flexibility. I consider them as a real trustworthy business partner. This is a program among others where Canning clearly met, if not exceeded, our expectations."

T.K., Sanofi, Japan
"Canning offers tough and intensive training, but brilliant results."


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

- design a logically coherent framework of ideas
- choose words and create sentences and paragraphs which maximise the documentís readability
- write more clearly and precisely, expressing ideas with a great accuracy
- get readersí attention and motivate them to read on
- select, especially in longer reports, what is most relevant and avoid unnecessary details
- use objective tools to measure exactly how readable the writing is
- develop an effective style
- use an inviting layout


C1. Reader and purpose
1. Thinking from the readerís point of view

C2. Selection and organisation of ideas
1. Focusing on what is relevant for the reader
2. Organising the ideas into logical sections

C3. Use of language - clarity and style
1. Accuracy, ease of reading and appropriacy of style for the reader and the subject

Teaching is intensive, active and experiential. Active learning is promoted, so participants will develop their skills through active practical exercises, discussion and feedback. Participants are invited to submit sample documents before the course starts. The trainers, two qualified communication skills trainers, will ensure that the learning is tailored to the participantsí needs and pace. The trainers will give feedback to the group and to individual participants on each exercise will be done.

Methods: writing exercises with group and individual feedback and working with the participantsí own documents.


Interactive case studies, role-plays, video recordings


- Jane Everett, Senior trainer, Canning, London
- Christine Gardner, Senior trainer, Canning, London


An end of programme evaluation report and a certificate of attendance will be issued to each participant.