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Taxation, inheritance and financial planning


These spotlight courses convey the knowledge on taxation, inheritance and financial planning necessary for wealth managers and independent asset managers with international clients. Offered jointly by the Centro di Studi Bancari and the Swiss Finance Institute, the courses are organised by country. Currently available courses are:


This module teaches client advisors to consider the tax implications of investment decisions, based on the tax laws of one specific country. This allows for more effective investment advice, thereby helping to further strengthen the trusted relationship between the advisor and the client also in the new transparent world.

Moreover, the modules show the client advisor how to recognize potential tax problems early on. Identifying these problems will not only demonstrate foresight and strengthen the relationship; it will also generate new business opportunities as the relevant competence centers get involved to resolve the issues at hand.

Finally, the modules allow the client advisor to take selected key financial planning concepts into consideration in his/her advice, with a particular focus on personal taxation, retirement, inheritance and succession.

Target Audience

The program is primarily designed for client advisors. However, the program also serves a wider set of professionals such as portfolio management consultants, investment advisors, wealth and tax planners, or compliance managers

Registration and Fees

For the 1-day programs the fee amounts to CHF 1'060.- and for member banks of the SBA to CHF 930.- per participant.

The fee covers tuition and refreshments during the coffee breaks, but do not include lunches, dinners, hotel and travel expenses.