Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification for Assistants


This certification program conveys the main regulatory and tax principles of cross-border business necessary for Assistants in the Wealth Management field. Offered jointly by the Centro di Studi Bancari and the Swiss Finance Institute, the program is organised in three languages. Currently available languages are: French, German and Italian.


In October 2010, the Swiss Financial Market Authority FINMA defines in its position paper on legal and reputational risks in cross-border financial services its attitude towards cross-border business in Switzerland as following: "In its capacity as supervisor, FINMA expects institutions to duly observe foreign supervisory legislation in particular, and to define a service model appropriate for each individual target market."

On February 22, 2012, the Federal Council wrote in a report: "The integrity of the financial center is in addition to the general anti-money laundering also a question of tax compliance - and this in turn is essential for achieving international acceptance."

Today it is essential for individuals who are involved in cross-border financial and asset management to know their room to maneuver and to comply with the legal framework. These skills must be provided in an institution as a whole, but are even more important for those who are directly or indirectly in contact with international clients.

Among the numerous activities in the profession as an assistant of a financial advisor basic knowledge of regulatory and tax aspects of cross-border business is not only necessary, but also essential for an efficient business relationship with the client advisor.

On one hand, the training is a simplified form of the "Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification for client advisors"; on the other hand, it shows how the participants can apply the new knowledge in their everyday work.

The course primarily conveys the main regulatory and tax principles of cross-border business. Additionally, the participants should develop an understanding of how important cross-border risks in their daily business are and to which consequences faults in communication with clients can lead. Due to the practical cases used in the course, participants learn in which areas and how the new knowledge can be utilized in their daily work.

Target Audience

The program is primarily designed for assistants in the Wealth Management business who support financial advisors in their work with international clients. These can be employed by banks, independent asset managers or other financial institutions.

Program Sequencing

The course lasts for two consecutive days. Approximately three weeks after the classroom phase a final exam will take place in the form of a 30 minutes multiple choice questionnaire. Successful candidates will then be awarded the certification: "Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification for Assistants."

The course is offered in three languages: Italian, French and German.

Registration and Fees

The fee for the 2-days program is CHF 1'650.- per participant. Member banks of the Swiss Banking Association pay a reduced fee of CHF 1'490.- per participant. A further progressive discount is granted to banks/financial institutions sending more than 10 participants to the program. Please contact us for further information.

The fees cover tuition, final exam and refreshments during the coffee breaks, but do not include lunches, dinners, hotel and travel expenses.